Rhea Myers

GNU/Linux Kobo Build Environment Setup

I’ve bought a Kobo Touch ebook reader device to hack on.

This guide to setting up a build environment for the Kobo is good:


The only change I’ve found you have to make to build the examples is to add:

LIBS += -lpng -lz

to the Qt project (.pro) file in Sketch.

The build system defaults to 4.6.2. It’s possible to change the build scripts to use Qt 4.8 (grep -r 4.6 ~/kobo/KoboLabs/build/* and change occurrences of 4.6.2 to 4.8, then update the ./configure line). Both are on the device so using 4.6.2 is fine.

I’d like to replace Sourcery G++ with something without a EULA.