Rhea Myers

CAD - HDP Topics Of Press Releases

Topics chosen from press releases on the Contemporary Art Daily blog using gensim’s Hierarchical Dirichlet Process model:

exhibition, work, art, works, new, artist, one, gallery, museum, also, paintings, link, time, space, like, painting, york, artists, first, show

art, works, work, exhibition, artist, new, paintings, one, link, museum, painting, also, gallery, space, first, time, series, like, artists, solo

art, works, work, exhibition, new, artist, space, gallery, link, museum, one, form, time, paintings, also, first, painting, artists, sculpture, sculptures

art, exhibition, work, new, works, artist, gallery, painting, space, link, one, like, museum, paintings, first, berlin, solo, also, film, two

art, exhibition, work, new, works, artist, gallery, zobernig, also, one, link, space, two, secession, painting, words, form, like, time, paintings

great, art, offers, artist, exhibition, museum, new, works, work, solo, one, berlin, kudo, photography, world, first, exhibitions, objects, gallery, link

art, new, works, exhibition, work, museum, exhibitions, york, recent, artist, link, gallery, photographs, one, space, berlin, present, artists, oil, sculptures

exhibition, new, art, chapter, works, work, york, artist, paintings, gallery, production, museum, video, link, lieske, basel, made, 2008, sculpture, painting

paintings, white, works, one, zobernig, exhibition, painting, canvas, space, form, work, words, new, paint, gallery, two, like, even, v, also

exhibition, work, space, art, new, gerber, also, artist, paintings, works, tompkins, clear, light, model, ground, rees, link, waves, mason, like

one, new, work, exhibition, art, works, time, hope, artist, paintings, link, first, york, pistoletto, contemporary, gallery, amnesia, kawara, museum, ttinger

paintings, new, works, artist, work, exhibition, wood, sculptures, painting, nicola, series, woolford, first, art, meise, peter, buggenhout, link, sculpture, materials

new, painting, art, oehlen, exhibition, york, paintings, sculptures, work, solo, gallery, albert, one, works, artist, merkel, fecteau, exhibitions, mauss, 2011

works, exhibition, new, painting, images, art, paintings, artist, otto, knapp, lassry, also, link, visual, light, tovborg, hein, image, design, based

art, new, works, museum, exhibition, baldessari, pies, t, work, artist, bernstein, one, pittman, paintings, images, gallery, like, 2009, first, well

works, painting, paintings, exhibition, work, series, art, new, artist, also, one, bessone, green, hylden, gallery, color, link, time, gilliam, like

works, riedel, artist, work, art, exhibition, like, sander, new, objects, also, michael, seem, images, world, paintings, artists, link, form, object

works, exhibition, new, artist, paintings, series, present, one, time, gallery, link, wohnseifer, mosset, tone, museum, reid, solo, pittman, tones, box

exhibition, work, film, sculptures, neill, art, camp, new, genzken, paintings, gonzalez, torres, artist, also, works, artists, sculpture, yes, mmk, wall

new, art, work, exhibition, beery, artist, images, meo, gallery, paintings, link, early, show, york, objects, also, space, body, oehlen, like