Rhea Myers

On NFTs Launch

Me at the Taschen store in Paris with the “On NFTs” slipcases

As an art student in the 90s the Taschen books that I owned on artists I liked were some of my proudest possessions. So you can imagine my excitement last week when I attended the launch event at the Taschen bookstore in Paris for “On NFTs”, a survey of the history of the field of blockchain art. I have work on the cover - the lower hash is the deployment transaction of the mainnet version of “Is Art”. I have an essay in the book - “On Chain”, about work that engages with the blockchain as a medium for art and how this relates to the history of art. And I am one of the artists profiled in the book, with full-page illustrations of of my work.

I’m very grateful to Ben Gentili and Cosmo Lindsay for their tireless work in making “On NFTs” a reality, and to Taschen for producing such a beautiful publication. It represents over two years of work, so if you are wondering why more recently emerging artists are not included that’s why. Any other ommissions in my chapter are my own fault - Ben was insistent that the book be inclusive. That aside, I’m very proud of my part in the results.

You can buy the deluxe editions of the book now. A standard edition is forthcoming later in 2024. If you buy via this affiliate link I get a percentage:

Buy here.