Rhea Myers

Random Aesthetics Microbloggers

random aesthetics microbloggers

Random Aesthetics Microbloggers, 2009, Common Lisp code (later Python code, then JavaScript code).

Microblog bots that place aesthetics in the social graph as peers.


Colour (and on Twitter) The Random Colour Microblogger generates and posts random colour descriptions such as: very light moderately saturated orangish red medium very pale purplish blue dark greyish red medium moderately saturated bluish purple rough dark vivid orange


Form (and on Twitter) The Random Form Microblogger generates and posts random form descriptions such as: A grunge shocking blobby structure. A short bumpy streamlined shocking triangular figure. A romantic organic construction. A low wobbly rectilinear wicker toroidal composition. A large surreal blocky construction.


Style (and on Twitter) The Random Style Microblogger generates and posts random style descriptions such as: Neoplasticist new media. Critical Sol LeWitt-style sculpture. Postmodern wall painting. Readymade automatic drawing. Post-minimalist relief.


Artwork (and on Twitter) The Random Artwork Microblogger generates and posts random artwork descriptions such as: An angry parodic environmantalist Albers-style marine video projection expressing alienation. A tender parodic progressive digital art military lightshow. An angry incompetent historical stone carving. A postmodernist caricature video projection. A joyful revivalist art deco marine refusal to signify expressing anger.

You can get the node.js source code here.