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Like That 2020 (3D)
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Hacking Creative Composition at CADAF
Blockchain Aesthetics: Dogecoin and Ethereum
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Art For Algorithms
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Blockchain Aesthetics
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Art Is
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Streaming Aesthetics CLI
Facecoin at The New Sublime
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Ethereum - Hot Cold UI
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Artworld Ethereum - Identity, Ownership and Authenticity
Surgical Strike - A Glitch And A Result
Stealth Ring
Surgical Strike Update
Glitcherature in Emacs
Exploring Tate Art Open Data 2
Bluetooth Throwies
Facecoin In More Detail
Working on Facecoin
Exploring Art Data: My _MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US Review
How paintr Works
How draw-something Works
draw-something Rebooted
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Composition Generators Are Back
Billy Idol's "Cyberpunk" Promo Floppy
Cybersalon January 2013
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Small Sensoria 3
Small Sensoria 2
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Psychogeodata (3/3)
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R Cultural Analytics Library Update
The R Cultural Analytics Library
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Digital Evaluation Of The Humanities
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Digital Parapsychology
Emacs For Art Writing
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ImagePlot and properties-plot.r
Streaming Aesthetics: Shape
[Evie Matthieson] Parallel Space
Logging Colours To ThingSpeak
An Aesthetics Of Disappearance
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Art Data Analysis: Sparse Coding Analysis
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Explor Update
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A GUI For draw-something
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Techo Art Roundup
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The Zero Dollar Laptop Project
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Live Coding on The BBC
Aesthetic Analysis
Technical Problems
Art, Statistical Modelling, Normativity
Affect Mining
Quantifying The Canon
Why Net Art Software Should Be AGPL-Licenced
Artificial Affectivity, Artificial Affectivities
Magazine électronique du CIAC - CIAC's Electronic Magazine
Microblogging The Cybernetic Artwork Nobody Wrote
LP - Gnash
Fixing a Dishwasher with 3D Printing and Lisp
Why 3D Printing Will Go Mainstream
New Art: Andy Warhol the computer geek
Diffable Bitmaps
FLOSS Manuals To Plucker
Gutenberg CD To Plucker Perl Script
FLOSS+Art Release, Sources, and Offer
Leek And Potato
Wacom xorg.conf For Lenny Laptop
Like That Is Back
Pure:dyne Discussion on Netbehaviour
Two New Reviews at Furtherfield
AARON and Phosphenes
Surgical Strike Free Software
Running Your Own OpenSim Sim
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